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Burning Desires 6~

Burning Desires 4~

Back Again!

Author: xxwolf_cubxx
Summary: Y..You" Moaned Alex as he tried to get out of the vice like grip...but it seemed to be impenetrable"Yo..u should...be dead" Alex near enough mouthed as the assasins hands moved with a feather like touch"I warned you Alex...and now,your mine" Alex gulped..
Warnings: violence,smut.captivity,depression.
Disclaimer:Oki…well this is checks watch 4 in the morning so If it is slightly crap I apologise…though please review…IT WILL MAKE MY EARLY MORNING D AY!..And Yay for half term…free hours for story reviewing and such till I implode XD. Anyway…shut up Smisa and get on with it! There waiting for it …Me…oki……Oh …i dont own them...reality is slightly slow :D.

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1. When I read your user name, I always have this mental image of little cuddly wolf-toy ^_^'
2. I challenge you tooo... tooo... I suck at challenging people. But, I'd like to see more of your Alex Rider fics out in the comm!
3. Grey - as wolf's hair. Or should I rather say silver? ;)
4. You're positive about things ^_^
5. Um, wolf cub, it's rather obvious ;)
6. Why the username?
Happy b-day! well soon anyway XD

Feb. 21st, 2009

Happy-before B-DAy
Hope all your wishes come true and you have a great day ^^
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